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April 3-4, 2020




"Walls"- In the midst of working with youth and young adults for the past 20 years we believe the issue of building lasting intimate relationships is perhaps the single most challenging thing a generation has ever faced. Its impact on the church and the world are being keenly felt today and will be for the next 20 - 30 years. Evidence can be found in data which suggest fewer people are getting married and those that do are doing it later and later in life. And despite technology which should foster communication such as in no other time we are more distant than we ever have been. Hope you join us for; Walls, protection on steroids.




"You Have Prostituted Your Sanctuaries"- A deeper look at the process of Salvation through the sanctuary and Satan’s inversion and perversion of its principles in creating a process of exploitation and enslavement in human trafficking. 




"Surviving Marriage Through Tragedy"- When individuals get married their hearts are set on the best of times, never really considering the worst of times.  In this session you will discover how one family survived the worst of times as well as the strategies you can apply  to your own relationship that will help you stand victorious through Christ.






"Born That Way"- Growing up in the silence of the church with unwanted "same-sex attraction" paved the way into the open arms of the gay community during the sexual revolution. But the prayers of devoted, Christian parents continually ascended to a patient, loving, compassionate God. Wayne Blakely shares his testimony of a walk back with Christ. Additionally, he poses considerations for the current crisis of LGBT+ activism and Christianity.






"Keys to a Happy, Healthy Marriage"- Is it possible to have a God-centered marriage while living in a world with so much disappointment and despair? Tune in for tips on building and sustaining a happy, healthy, long-lasting union with Christ as the foundation.  






"Loneliness: Mental Health and Being Alone"- An overwhelming sense of loneliness was already at an all time high, but now social distancing has only made matters worse. In this talk we’ll be discussing what the Bible says about loneliness and how to find our fulfillment in Christ.







"Who's Salvation Is It Anyway?" - Taking responsibility for my own salvation has been lost in the church today. With all of the “free love” and identity, the church has lost the ability to convict of sin and to overcome it. Now the message moving through the Christian church is that if you can’t get victory over your sin, then bring your sin and identity into the church. Lack of communication and education in the church has made it essential to be saved while still in your sin.






"Kill the Girl" - There are two deadly A’s that we will discuss this session. These A’s have wreaked havoc across the globe. They have infiltrated our societies, from the richest, the poorest, the most educated, to the least. They have no boundaries of race, gender, education, influence, or religion. They have been covered up, and kept under lock and key to protect those in power, and enslave the most vulnerable. There are many untruths that surround them, and baggage that must be unloaded in their wake in order to be set free. During this session Tamara will talk about these deadly A’s...Abuse & Abortion. Join us as she shares her story of how these two predators almost killed the girl. 







"The Science of Sexuality, Pornography, and Happiness"- The media has given us a picture of what sexuality is all about. Is the view we have been given accurate or a distortion of what would lead to true happiness? In this seminar we will look at the science and scripture of sexuality and wellbeing. Can sexual addiction be overcome? We will discover that research reveals that the Bible was right all along in regard to happiness and Biblical sexuality.







"Of Passion and Prophecy"- Last year the US saw more STD cases than in its history.  Sex and sexual content is ubiquitous just how does the over sexualizing of youth and young adults impact a society and as Christians how does this increase on often careless sexual encounters play into the prophecies now being fulfilled. 

Steven and Tamara Conway

Alex Niculaescu

SaMonna Watts

Wayne Blakely

David and Marian Lewis

Dee Casper

Michael Carducci

Chad and Fadia Kreuzer

Dr. Eric Walsh



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