Dr. Eric Walsh was born in Hartford CT, USA to Jamaican parents. He is a graduate of the university of Miami school of Medicine, Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his masters and doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. Dr. Walsh served as a missionary in Guam and has been in leadership for many organizations ranging from government to private sector to his own companies. He has served two US presidents as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. He is now a practicing physician and medical director. He has also worked as an associate Pastor for several churches in Southern California.  His preaching and teaching ministry has taken him all over the world.  Most importantly he seeks to serve the Lord through the preaching and healing ministries. 

Sebastien and Candis Braxton were raised in non-religious homes and became Seventh-day Adventists in their young adulthoods.  Consequently, they both have experience with dating and relating to the opposite sex with and without Christian principles as a guide.  Now married for almost 10 years, they are reaping the benefits of doing things God’s way and in His timing.  Sebastien runs Fiat Lux, a Christian online mentorship and creative consulting agency and The New Life, a corporate wellness start-up. Candis is in the final stages of her masters program to become a marriage and family therapist (MFT) and works with individuals, couples and families in distress.  She also serves as a mentor for Fiat Lux with a focus on mental health and wellness.  Together, they are raising their four young children, in Fayetteville, NC, where they reside.

Michael Carducci is the Chairman/Senior Speaker/Co-Founder of 'Coming Out' Ministries. He lived defined as “gay” for over twenty years. He was transgendered since he was four years old and Same-Sex Attracted from the time he was thirteen years old. He eventually turned his back on God and busted the doors of the gay culture wide open. His sisters were relentless in their prayers for him. Jesus pursued him and he opened his heart to His tender, loving call. Michael has this testimony: "He accepted me and promised to walk with me on this journey.  Joel 2:25 promises us that Jesus will restore the years that the locust hath eaten. Today I live to share of what is possible through Jesus."

Kezia Chisholm is a speaker for 'Coming Out' Ministries. Overcoming many unspoken struggles, Kezia stands as living witness of God’s mighty yet gentle power. After inviting Jesus into her heart, He redirected the plans she had for her life. Kezia looks forward to the next steps on her journey to wholeness.

Cheng Vang and Nhou Her have been married for 15 years, and together they have served the Adventist Hmong Church plant in Sacramento/Oroville, CA since 2005. Currently, they work closely with various ministries to reach the Hmong people in the North American Division and overseas through church planting, literature translation, and media production. They enjoy traveling, taking walks in nature, singing and playing their instruments.

Alex Niculaescu has worked in various mission fields over the past 13 years and was introduced to the reality of modern forms of exploitation and slavery while living in East Africa in 2009. Since then he has worked for various non-profits and NGO's and alongside various government and law enforcement agencies in order to tackle the growing problem of modern day slavery. He has since that time seen more and more of the spiritual side of the issue and the outplay of the great controversy in a very real and tangible way. He has dedicated himself to help others understand the reality of a war that often goes unnoticed, especially by those who ought to be the ones most engaged in that war. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and daughter where he works as a pastor. 

Nicole Parker is a biblical counselor, author, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She teaches Biblical Counseling and Sexuality and Scripture classes at Southern Adventist University. She has written five volumes so far of the “Tales of the Exodus,” a children’s series addressing trauma, and answering questions such as how to trust a God of love who allows suffering. The series explores the story of the Exodus through the eyes of the children of Joshua and Caleb. Nicole is also the editor of “The LEAD Anti-Racism Challenge,” a 40-day devotional on applying the principles of the gospel in racial reconciliation through listening, embracing, advocating, and dreaming together. Nicole has helped set up Project Safe Church in the Lake Union to assist the church in processing reports of sexual abuse. Nicole, her husband Alan Parker, and their four energetic teenagers live in Collegedale, Tennessee, where she enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, experimenting in the kitchen, and laughing a lot.

SaMonna Watts dedicated herself to diligent prayer, soul searching, and self-examination, and God revealed to her His purpose.  "He wanted me to speak for Him.  He wanted me to encourage others and let them know that their best life could only be obtained through Him. Shortly after this revelation, life happened.  Our precious 5-year-old son Brayden, was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer.  I was now facing the trial of my life.  Yet, God assured me that I could experience victory no matter what the outcome. True to His word God equipped me to not only handle the sickness and eventual death of our dear Brayden but to also step boldly into the calling He had on my life. Though my life is far from what I imagined I am overcome with joy with the peace God has given our family as we continue to miss our precious son yet rejoice in the miracle of new beginnings."

David and Marian Lewis R&B/Pop sensation "Atlantic Starr's" (former lead vocalist) David Lewis along with his lovely wife Marian, a (former "Ford Agency" model), are the co-founders of Into The Light Ministries.  David wrote, produced, arranged, and performed chart-topping hits. Marian modeled for some of the world's top designers. In 1994 their lives were dramatically changed by the love of God. They now travel the world sharing their powerful testimony of how God brought them from the world of music and fashion, to now being ambassadors of the gospel of Christ. 

Steven and Tamara Conway know all too well the fundamental challenges of trying to make it work, as they both came from beginnings that were broken, which didn't necessarily prepare them for the journey of marriage and raising children. As a result, their first few years of marriage were extremely hard. They also watched many marriages fall apart all around them. They knew if they wanted to sure up their own marriage, they needed tools. In their over 18 years of marriage and raising children, Steven and Tamara, have been blessed to be exposed to amazing couples who have shared personal struggles, growth, materials, workshops, books and most of all God's word. These valuable tools have provided a springboard to help them in times of need. As a result, they pour into other couples, hoping to help sure up their foundation, as well as repair and rebuild the broken ones. 

Dana Connell is currently teaching online and ministering in the wake of natural disaster in a small Midwest town with no SDA church or members. She has served in ministry in a variety of capacities in the last 20 years, including Pastor, Chaplain, and GC 2015 Impact San Antonio Community Service Outreach and Community Service Coordinator. She received a Masters of Divinity from Andrews University (2016). She loves being a conduit to connect people to God, interpersonal conversations, apologetics, healthy living, discerning root issues in a situation and listening for what the Lord is saying or wants to do in it.

Joy and Michael Milfort are a dynamic couple that lend their gifts and talents to sharing the love of Christ. They believe it is their life’s work to minister through testimony and make the gospel attainable an applicable to everyone. Both Michael and Joy have teaching and preaching ministries and serve at their church. They are particularly passionate about recovery and heart healing ministries.God has used these testimony based ministries as powerful tools to give them peace and victory in their personal lives. Their motto in ministry is “Jesus came to save the whole person”  and they like to remind everyone that through life’s emotional struggles our hard work is allowing God to do the heart work. They have been married for 5 years and are amazed at what God has revealed about his love for them and their love for each other through their journey with infertility. They are excited to share what God can and will do for others who struggle with infertility.

Anil Kanda is the director of Young Adult Ministries for the Central California Conference. Anil was born into a Hindu/Sikh family but encountered the beautiful truths of God's words. His passions include fitness, health, reading, and anything adventure. You'll enjoy his provocative and energetic presentations. 

Pastor Darryl and Ginger Bentley hail from North Carolina but they are delighted to be serving God's people in Michigan at the Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church. With a passion for both winning souls to Christ and nurturing those who are already part of the family God, Pr. & Mrs. Bentley actively works to see the cause of Christ accomplished wherever He places them.  Apart from serving the Lord in active, full-time ministry, the Bentleys love spending time as a family, traveling, playing music, and just hanging out with brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Pr. Bentley studied theology at Southern Adventist University and completed a Master's in Pastoral Ministry from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Ginger has an Associate's in Business and is working to complete a B.S. in Business Management.

Sethlina Amakye is a Kingdom-focused multi-passionate maker, designer, word nerd, all-around creative and obsessed with what it means to live “Well” and on purpose.  In this season, she is focused on what it means to rest in Jesus through life's challenges. It was born out of intense desperation to live a better and more purposeful life. A beautiful and fulfilling existence. An experience that would worthy of hearing the words “WELL done, good and faithful servant”.

Janice Watson has been an educator and administrator in Adventist higher education for over 20 years. Currently, she serves as associate professor of communication at Oakwood university. In addition to teaching, her greatest joys include speaking and writing for God, especially helping people to see God at work in their daily lives. God has blessed her with the privilege of preaching and speaking to audiences in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean as well as in Canada and the United States. Her deepest prayer is that God would dwell so richly in her that He would shine out to others around her thus drawing them closer to Him.

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