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  • Where will the event be held?
    This is a hybrid event. Sessions will be available in person and online. The in person venue will be : 12401 Dalewood Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20906 Please note: The breakout sessions available to the in person and online audiences will be different.
  • Is there any cost in attending?
    Yes. Since this is a Hybrid Conference, In-person only, online only, and hybrid tickets will. be available. Please See our Registration Page for more details!
  • Why is there a cost for an online event?
    All registration costs are to cover production, platform fees, speaker fees, etc. in order for you as the attendee to have the best experience possible. We make NO financial profit from this event!
  • Can I register for this Forum?
    Yes. Participation in Breakout sessions will not be allowed without prior registration. Please see our Registration page for more details.
  • Who should attend?
    Anyone who would like to know more about God's purpose for their lives when it comes to relating and relationships. We welcome all ages, but recommend anyone under 18 years old be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This conference truly has something for everyone!
  • Do I have to be a Christian to attend this event?
    No, but all presentations will use the Bible as a basis for spiritual guidance.
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