David and Callie Buruchara live in Maryland, USA. After meeting during their college days, they dated long-distance for several years (USA to Kenya for half of it!) and married in November 2019. They deeply enjoy running the Down to Earth with the Burucharas podcast, where they talk about fostering meaningful and fulfilling relationships in day-to-day life. David is currently studying to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Callie is a Software Engineer. They love to spend time together, play with their affectionate cat Baku, and eat good Korean food. Even more, they love sharing relationship lessons they've learned and the love of Jesus that is the foundation of the most loving relationship there is.


Dee Casper is Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program ( Dee lived 30 minutes from 3ABN World Headquarters for 21 years and had never heard of a Seventh-Day Adventist, but by the grace of God, he found the message through 3ABN TV beginning in the fall of 2006. He was baptized in 2010 at the ARISE Cornerstone program, and has been involved in ministry ever since. He has served as a Bible worker, been a Bible teacher in an academy setting, and has taught in different schools of evangelism. He loves investing in young people, and opening their eyes to the beauty of the Everlasting Gospel, and the value that God places on each of them individually.


Archie and Sikhu Daco are in their seventh year of marriage. They have 4 children ages 6, 4, 2, and 0 and live in a multigenerational home with Sikhu's parents. Archie's parents immigrated from the Philippines to the US. Archie was born and raised in California. Sikhu spent her childhood in Zimbabwe then moved to America for college and has lived here since. They were brought together by their mutual love for food, the Lord, and His work. In the coming days they hope to add running together to the list of things they mutually enjoy.


David Arrah Dean is the pastor of the Clovis SDA Church. He is passionate about developing leaders and inspiring young people. David spends his down time engaging with his wife and three children, writing music and poetry, and being outdoors. David has a master’s degree in Theological Studies from La Sierra University. Maya Mackey Dean is a passionate follower of Jesus who serves in the Central California Conference with her husband, Pastor David Dean. She received her Master’s Degree in Community psychology, which allows her to use social science research to educate families in her faith community. She enjoys quiet time with God, engaging conversations with her husband, and the never ending motherhood adventures with her little tribe: Shiloh 8, Norah 6, and Benjamin 1 1/2.


Growing up as a pastor’s kid, Dr. K’dee Elsen witnessed much hardship and brokenness, both in and out of the church. Over the years, God evoked a personalized sense of responsibility and calling to address this suffering. She currently serves Him as a Christ-centered psychologist at Beautiful Minds Medical, an international speaker, and a podcast and YouTube host. Her ultimate joy is sharing how the truth of a compassionate God can heal our broken world, lives and hearts.

Alex Niculaescu has worked in various mission fields over the past 13 years and was introduced to the reality of modern forms of exploitation and slavery while living in East Africa in 2009. Since then he has worked for various non-profits and NGO's and alongside various government and law enforcement agencies in order to tackle the growing problem of modern day slavery. He has since that time seen more and more of the spiritual side of the issue and the outplay of the great controversy in a very real and tangible way. He has dedicated himself to help others understand the reality of a war that often goes unnoticed, especially by those who ought to be the ones most engaged in that war. He currently lives in Michigan with his wife and daughter where he works as a pastor. 


Anil Kanda is the director of Young Adult Ministries for the Central California Conference. Anil was born into a Hindu/Sikh family but encountered the beautiful truths of God's words. His passions include fitness, health, reading, and anything adventure. You'll enjoy his provocative and energetic presentations. 


Michael Carducci is the Chairman/Senior Speaker/Co-Founder of 'Coming Out' Ministries. He lived defined as “gay” for over twenty years. He was transgendered since he was four years old and Same-Sex Attracted from the time he was thirteen years old. He eventually turned his back on God and busted the doors of the gay culture wide open. His sisters were relentless in their prayers for him. Jesus pursued him and he opened his heart to His tender, loving call. Michael has this testimony: "He accepted me and promised to walk with me on this journey.  Joel 2:25 promises us that Jesus will restore the years that the locust hath eaten. Today I live to share of what is possible through Jesus."

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Dr. Eric Walsh was born in Hartford CT, USA to Jamaican parents. He is a graduate of the university of Miami school of Medicine, Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his masters and doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. Dr. Walsh served as a missionary in Guam and has been in leadership for many organizations ranging from government to private sector to his own companies. He has served two US presidents as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. He is now a practicing physician and medical director. He has also worked as an associate Pastor for several churches in Southern California.  His preaching and teaching ministry has taken him all over the world.  Most importantly he seeks to serve the Lord through the preaching and healing ministries. 


Judy and Israel Ramos live in Michigan, USA where she serves as a teacher of Greater Lansing Adventist School and he directs the Public Campus Ministry Department & Center for Adventist Ministry to Public University Students. They have three sons, an old cat, chickens, and bees on their property called Grace Orchard. 

Krystin Henley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and has a passion for teaching others about emotional intelligence through her ministry Nurturing Characters. She has authored a children's book, Millie and Her Tangled Thoughts, and loves providing practical resources for parents and caregivers. She is an adjunct professor for Weimar's Masters of Counseling Psychology and Wellness program and recently has been APSATS (Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialist) trained and is a Certified Clinical Partner Specialist-Candidate.She and her husband are blessed with four children and enjoy exploring their Pacific Northwest backyard.


Monica Gutierrez was born and raised in Texas. Even as a young girl growing up in the north side of Fort Worth, she was able to see injustices all around her. She always knew she wanted be a part of the solution, but unsure how, she began to volunteer at different organizations. Throughout her life, she remembered listening to friends and family struggle with victimization of sexual abuse and sexual assault.  The impact of shame and guilt they carried was at times too devastating to witness but worst of all, was how they suffered in silence. In 2006, she applied to volunteer at The Women’s Center of Tarrant County. Monica has worked in different capacities with victims of Crime, as Crisis Interventionist, Community Education Specialist, and currently as Bilingual Case Manager. Her recent focus, has been with professionals and faith based organizations with a concentration on the Latino community. Although serving Clients can be challenging at times, oh what a privilege and blessing it is to witness survivors heal and become empowered. 

Janice Watson has been an educator and administrator in Adventist higher education for over 20 years. Currently, she serves as associate professor of communication at Oakwood university. In addition to teaching, her greatest joys include speaking and writing for God, especially helping people to see God at work in their daily lives. God has blessed her with the privilege of preaching and speaking to audiences in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean as well as in Canada and the United States. Her deepest prayer is that God would dwell so richly in her that He would shine out to others around her thus drawing them closer to Him.

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Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, LPC, is an author, speaker, TV host, professional counselor, musician, wife, mother, lover of Jesus, and a friend to many. Jennifer has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University, and is due to soon have her Doctoral degree in Community Counseling from Liberty University. She has spoken all over the world, written 14 books, and hosted two TV programs. She loves to communicate about the fascinating intersection between theology and psychology, and does so whenever, and however, she gets a chance.

Willie and Elaine Oliver- Elaine Oliver is a licensed clinical professional counselor and a certified family life educator. Willie Oliver is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, family sociologist, and a certified family life educator. The Olivers have conducted marriage conferences, retreats, relationship seminars, and leadership training conferences around the world. They are founders of From This Day Forward marriage conferences, Journey Toward Intimacy marriage conferences, and authors of the Real Family Talk column in Adventist World Online.  Willie and Elaine Oliver have been married for 37 years and are the parents of two adult children—Jessica (married to Larry) and Julian. In their spare time, they enjoy taking long walks, beach vacations, gardening, exotic cuisines, and spending time with family and friends.


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