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Dee Casper is Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program ( Dee lived 30 minutes from 3ABN World Headquarters for 21 years and had never heard of a Seventh-Day Adventist, but by the grace of God, he found the message through 3ABN TV beginning in the fall of 2006. He was baptized in 2010 at the ARISE Cornerstone program, and has been involved in ministry ever since. He has served as a Bible worker, been a Bible teacher in an academy setting, and has taught in different schools of evangelism. He loves investing in young people, and opening their eyes to the beauty of the Everlasting Gospel, and the value that God places on each of them individually. He married Sarah in 2022 and they are excited to share the love story God wrote for them.

David Arrah Dean is the pastor of the Clovis SDA Church. He is passionate about developing leaders and inspiring young people. David spends his down time engaging with his wife and three children, writing music and poetry, and being outdoors. David has a master’s degree in Theological Studies from La Sierra University. Maya Mackey Dean is a passionate follower of Jesus who serves in the Central California Conference with her husband, Pastor David Dean. She received her Master’s Degree in Community psychology, which allows her to use social science research to educate families in her faith community. She enjoys quiet time with God, engaging conversations with her husband, and the never ending motherhood adventures with her little tribe: Shiloh 8, Norah 6, and Benjamin 1 1/2.


Michael Carducci is the Chairman/Senior Speaker/Co-Founder of 'Coming Out' Ministries. He lived defined as “gay” for over twenty years. He was transgendered since he was four years old and Same-Sex Attracted from the time he was thirteen years old. He eventually turned his back on God and busted the doors of the gay culture wide open. His sisters were relentless in their prayers for him. Jesus pursued him and he opened his heart to His tender, loving call. Michael has this testimony: "He accepted me and promised to walk with me on this journey.  Joel 2:25 promises us that Jesus will restore the years that the locust hath eaten. Today I live to share of what is possible through Jesus."


Dr. Eric Walsh was born in Hartford CT, USA to Jamaican parents. He is a graduate of the university of Miami school of Medicine, Loma Linda University School of Public Health where he received his masters and doctorate in public health. His most important educational experience was his time at Oakwood University. Dr. Walsh served as a missionary in Guam and has been in leadership for many organizations ranging from government to private sector to his own companies. He has served two US presidents as an advisor on HIV/AIDS. He is now a practicing physician and medical director.  His preaching and teaching ministry has taken him all over the world.  Most importantly he seeks to serve the Lord through the preaching and healing ministries. 


Sam Walters is from Wolverhampton, UK, he currently serves the Wednesfield SDA Church as a local elder, he also sits on the British Union Conference Executive committee and is co-host of the Faith on Top Podcast. As a former Outreach coordinator for the Peace School of Evangelism, he enjoys witnessing and teaching others to do the same. He has a passion to help Adventist young professionals live out their faith in the workplace and to seek first the kingdom of God in all that they do. His desire is to be close to God and a blessing to others. Sam enjoys connecting with friends, listening to audiobooks and eating good food. He works as a Pharmacist in a local hospital and is also a lecturer in the School of Pharmacy at Wolverhampton University.

Miguel and Kristina Harris are happily married and currently living in the sunshine state of California. Miguel was born in the Dominican Republic but raised on the east coast. He never thought he would wind up on the west coast where he would one day meet his future wife. They both studied in missionary colleges which grew their passion for service and now they are furthering their studies–Miguel studying to be a pastor and Kristina is doing her masters in Christian counseling. Miguel was in the gay lifestyle and Kristina dealt with much depression throughout her life but today they are a testimony of Gods transforming and healing grace. They are strong believers in biblical mental health due to the impact it had in their lives. They were brought together by God to reach others, specially the youth, through the sharing of the gospel and counseling. 


Charlene Coutet was born in Manchester, England and lived there up until she moved to London to attend University. She holds a Masters in Textile Design from the Royal College of Art. Charlene has spent many years mentoring young people around the world and has a passion for sharing that there is healing for emotional pain and that God longs to give us personal wholeness and thriving relationships. She has authored the book, My Child Wake Up, which tackles the subject of relationship mistakes and takes the reader on a journey from regret to renewal through the message of the Sanctuary. She currently resides in California with her husband and children.

Dr. Joshua Nwosu is a Christian SDA, Oakwood University Alum, and avid basketball fan. He completed his doctoral internship in medical psychology at Duke University Medical Center and his PhD in Clinical psychology from Loma Linda University. He specialized in Health Psychology and treatments for veterans with chronic illnesses during his postdoctoral fellowship in Washington DC, and is currently working for the Veteran Affairs as a Primary Care Psychologist in Maryland.

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Lo-Ammi Richardson was born in a Christian home,  but after high school he pursued a career in basketball, and got caught up in hip-hop, drugs, alcohol, and violence, being arrested various times as a juvenile. After God led him to attend a Youth Conference in Kentucky, his life changed forever. His passion is to see individuals give their hearts to Jesus and teaching them how to have a real and practical experience with Him.

Tammara De Leon is a home-birth licensed midwife and volunteer firefighter where she resides in Virginia. She was raised Roman Catholic but came to know the Seventh-Day Adventist truth in 2004. Since then she has continued to work for the Lord through youth ministry. Her desire to be like Jesus is what drives her to keep pressing towards the mark of the calling God has for her. 


Amanda Anguish is a marriage and family therapist. From refurbishing furniture to refurbishing the mind, Amanda loves home and people improvement. Amanda believes in honest therapy. Her goal is to empower clients to discover the causes behind their challenges and take action to address them. Amanda’s counseling experience includes substance abuse, depression, anxiety, teenage growing pains, spiritual development, and issues that affect relationships. Amanda also enjoys lecturing on a variety of mental health topics.

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